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From the point where the nature, sea and sky merge...

In the arms of nature, far from the stressful environment of the cities, you will feel yourself in paradise in company with woodnotes and wave sounds while you find peace with sea and nature scenes. With a modern concept, cheerful staff, hygienic environment and organic foods that we have grown in our garden, you will be delighted to enjoy your holiday with your family in a peaceful and healthy environment.


Our hotel is a place in Istanbul Kilyos where is so close to the city but you can have the smell of nature in the best way. In our hotel designed with modern architecture, we offer the options of family rooms, suite rooms and standard rooms as well as accommodation options with sea view and balcony rooms. We serve you with central air conditioning system, 82 screen LED TV, sitting set, safe, hair dryer, mini-bar and our ultra-comfortable beds available in each room.


Kilya Hotel housing the largest pool of the Kilyos region offer the availability of Turkish Bath, Sports Hall, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room, Game Room, Cinema Room, meeting room for 100 people and pool party organization for 300 people to you.


We will be pleased to accommodate you precious guests in this hidden paradise.


The standard types of rooms with comfortable and technological standards along with excellent views of the Black Sea are offered for choice of our precious guests. 



Why not Kilyos for your company meetings and private events/invitations...

What about for new beginnings in the lap of nature, with the peace of blue and green? ... 

Kilyos, with saying/rumour that it comes from the word Kilya which means sand in Greek, also there is another widepread saying that it derived from the word Killa with original Kuwaila and meaning nice walkway/strait. Yet, the meanings of both words suit to the the geographical situation of Kilyos. Although the name of Kilyos was changed to Kumköy during the Republican era, the name Kilyos is still widely used today.

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